Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I don't count heads, I count the hearts. ~OSHO~

To be with me you have to learn one art, and that is, don't take my statements seriously. For the moment enjoy them, but don't expect that I am not going to contradict them. Don't impose any expectations of yours on me. I never impose any expectations on you. At least this much you can do -- a simple thing.

For centuries masters have been imposing their ideas on the disciples. I am not imposing any of my ideas on you. Don't from your side insist on how I should behave, what I should say or not say; accept that saying something will create contradiction, saying it will create hostility in people outside, saying it will create unnecessary confusion. Don't expect anything from me. Open your heart. That is where the real surgery has to happen.

And once you have known the beauty, the joy, the blessing of dancing in tune with my heart, you will never be bothered by what I said yesterday, what I said ten years ago. Leave all this to people whose profession is gravedigging. Let them settle with the skeletons of the past.

You be here now in this moment, part of my life, part of my love, part of my being. Let me reach you in your innermost core. Allow me to touch your center.

The head is only the periphery, and I am not interested in your heads. I don't count heads, I count the hearts.

From Death to Deathlessness
Chapter #3
Chapter title: Belief is a barrier, trust is a bridge

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