Monday, July 26, 2010

I would like you to enjoy the wholeness of your being... ~OSHO~

“First I taught you about trust,
the heart, feeling, love;
and now I am teaching
you about doubt,
skepticism, reason, intellect,
because I would like
you to be a whole man.

You can be completely
satisfied with trusting,
with the heart,
but you will not be a whole man.
I would not call Mira a whole person,
I would not call Ramakrishna
a whole person.
They are beautiful,
but the intellect is missing;
it is all heart.
It is too much sugar,
it creates diabetes.
I am diabetic.

Too much of the heart,
too much sweetness,
and you suffer from diabetes —
and I don’t want any of
you to suffer from diabetes.

Yes, just living by the heart
you will have spiritual diabetes.
Intellect is salty, spicy;
it is not all sugar.

“I would like you to enjoy
the wholeness of your being,
when your body, your heart,
your intellect all fall in tune.
I have called that the new man —
Zorba the Buddha.”

From Personality to Individuality

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