Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just This... ~OSHO~

It is the very essence of meditation: just this. To remain aware of just this is meditation -- watching it, observing it, with no condemnation, with no evaluation, just remaining like a mirror.

The mind can live only in the past and through the past, or in the future and through the future. The present moment becomes its grave: The mind cannot exist in this-ness. And to be in a no-mind state is to be in meditation.

This can become one of the greatest secrets. It can become the very key that unlocks the door of the divine. When something is passing through the mind, remember: Just This. Don't say it is good, don't say it is bad; don't compare it. Don't desire that something be otherwise. Whatever is, is, and whatever is not, is not.

Everybody creates much misery out of this tension. People try to attain that which is not and tend to forget that which is.

For example, when you cry, just deep inside make it a meditation. Just say deep down,
Just This. Don't evaluate it, don't think it should not be. Don't think about what others will think. Let it be, and you just be a cool, distant watcher. Crying is neither good nor bad -- nothing is ever good or bad; things simple are. If we don't judge, the mind starts disappearing. And to see reality without the mind is to see the truth.


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