Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laugh Your Way to God... ~OSHO~

Laugh Your Way to God...

If you really want to laugh you will have to learn how to weep.
If you cannot weep and if you are not capable of tears,
you will become incapable of laughter.
A man of laughter is also a man of tears -- then a man is balanced.
A man of bliss is also a man of silence.
A man who is ecstatic is also a man who is centered.
They both go together.
And out of this togetherness of polarities a balanced being is born.

A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Chapter-2

'GOD is just a name of the totality of existence.'


1. Old Hymie Goldberg returned to the doctor to express his delight over the invisible hearing aid that his doctor had fitted for him.
"I bet your family likes it, too," said the doctor.
"Ah no," said old Hymie, "they don't know about it yet and I am having a great time. In the past two days, I have changed my will twice!"

2. Paddy complained to his friend Sean, that he had seen his wife going into a movie with a strange man.
"Did you follow them inside?" asked Sean.
"No way," replied Paddy, "I had already seen the movie."

3. A hotel night clerk was surprised to see a guest walking through the lobby in his pink pajamas.
"Hey there," he shouted, "what do you think you are doing?"
The guest woke up and apologized. "I beg your pardon," he said, "I am a somnambulist."
"Well," said the clerk, "you can't walk around here like that, no matter what religion you belong to."

4. Paddy and Seamus are sitting in the pub, having a drink together.
"A burglar got into my house at three o'clock this morning," says Paddy, "while I was on my way home from the pub."
"Did he get anything?" asks Seamus.
"He certainly did," says Paddy. "The poor guy is in the hospital. My wife, Maureen, thought it was me!"

5. Hymie and Betty Goldberg were having a day in the country. Betty saw a lovely place under a tree next to a small pond and pointed it out to Hymie.
"That's a beautiful spot for a picnic," she said.
"It must be, dear," shrugged Hymie. "Fifty million mosquitoes can't be wrong."

6. MacGonigal was staggering up the street from telephone pole to lamp-post and back again. Father Daly stopped him and said, "Drunk again?"
"Are you?" said MacGonigal. "So am I, Father."
"This is no time for levity," admonished the priest. "After taking the pledge and promising me two weeks ago that you would never drink again! It is a sin against God and the church, and I am sorry to be saying so."
"You are sorry to see me so?"
"Indeed I am!"
"Are you sure you are sorry?"
"Yes, very, very sorry."
"Then if you are so sorry," said the drunkard, "I will forgive you Father."

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