Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life is a celebration, not competition ~OSHO~

“Don’t invest in misery, invest in celebration”. Man is born with the capacity to celebrate but is he celebrating? Man is missing something terribly; something has gone really wrong; man has moved astray. Even birds are far more in tune with god than man. Even animals, trees and rocks, are more in harmony with existence than man. Celebration is missing, the quality in laughter is missing and even if people celebrate it is false.

Because of a thousand and one barriers created by society and the priests and a thousand reasons not to celebrate and live in misery but none towards making each moment a celebration. Life should be a sweet song but man has made it very bitter, very ugly. It has lost all the qualities of music, rhythm, harmony. It has become an ugly struggle to survive, and survival to no purpose at all, just an ugly struggle which leads nowhere, a cut-throat competition, absolutely unnecessary.

Life is meant to be a celebration, not a competition. Osho says there is no need to go on postponing celebration. “Nothing else is needed. To celebrate, life is needed and life you have. To celebrate, being is needed and being you have. To celebrate, trees and birds and stars are needed, and they are there. What else do you need?”.

Man has that innate capacity to just be a festival from the cradle to the grave, a pure celebration. Very few people have achieved it, but everybody can achieve it. It needs just a little understanding, a little search into one's own misery, a little investigation into the causes of why one goes on missing, just a little effort, just a little intelligence, and one can change the whole gestalt. One can simply get out of all kinds of miseries into a totally different world of bliss and benediction.

“It is really a question of our attitude towards what we do. And with the change of attitude, with work turning into a celebration, the whole milieu of life changes.”


  1. All life is about competition. The competition to attract a mate, find food, be safe. The beauty is that we have the ability to change the definition of winning, so even though we're all competing, we're not all competing for the same things.

    1. No competition is when you are in lack of the things you need. Just do what you enjoy instead. Know yourself. It is as simpel as that.