Tuesday, July 27, 2010


LISTEN TO ME WITHOUT ANY JUDGMENT. I am not saying agree with me; there is no question of agreement or disagreement -- just listen!

WHEN YOU GO TO THE MOUNTAINS and you listen to the sound of a waterfall, do you agree with it or disagree with it? YOU SIMPLY LISTEN! When you listen to beautiful music, do you agree or do you disagree? There is no question of agreement or disagreement, listening is nonjudgmental....

JUST LISTEN FOR THE SHEER JOY OF LISTENING. The wind passing through the pine trees... listen. The sound of running water... listen. The birds singing in the morning... listen. Don't try to understand.

AND JUST BY LISTENING, SOMETHING WILL START REACHING YOUR HEART. A song, a dance will start happening. Your heart will start opening up like a flower, and great fragrance will be released. And that will be real understanding.

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha
Vol. 11, Ch #6: Rising in love

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