Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No one is man and no one is woman - everyone is both ! ~OSHO~

In the dictionary, kindness never becomes cruelty -- never. But in reality, it goes on moving: kindness becomes cruelty, cruelty becomes kindness; love becomes hate, hate becomes love. IN REALITY, THINGS MOVE; IN DICTIONARIES, THEY ARE STATIC. Reality is dynamic and moving, you cannot fix it. You cannot say, "Stay here!"

AND NOT ONLY DO THINGS CHANGE -- THEY GO ON TO TOUCH THEIR VERY CONTRADICTIONS. They move to the very extreme, the other extreme. Love can become hate. It is not a simple change -- it is a dialectical change. The diametrically opposite has come into existence. A friend can become a foe, but the word "friend" can never become the word "foe". How can it become? Words are fixed.

REASON WORKS WITH FIXED ENTITIES AND LIFE IS NEVER FIXED. You say, "This is God," but the god may have changed into the devil. You cannot label. In reality, labeling is futile -- because while you are labeling a thing it is changing; that time is enough to change it. But logic, reason, mind, cannot work without labeling.

We can understand how love can become hate, but even more fixed categories can change. You say, "This person is man, male; that person is female, woman." Again, these are categories, labelings. In reality this is not so. When I say that in reality this is not so, I mean YOU MAY BE MALE IN THE MORNING AND FEMALE IN THE EVENING. It depends.

There are moods when you are female and there are moods when you are male. And now modern psychology says man is bisexual. Logic will never believe it. NO ONE IS MAN AND NO ONE IS WOMAN -- EVERYONE IS BOTH! The difference is only of degrees; it is never of quality, it is only of quantity. And degrees go on changing.

Reality cannot be labeled, nothing can be labeled. But we have to label. It is a necessity, mind cannot function without it. WITHOUT LABELING MIND CANNOT FUNCTION, so mind goes on labeling things. This labeled world is known as "this" -- the world that is created by labeling. And the world that exists beyond these labels is "that" -- the unlabeled, the undefined, the uncharted.

You have a name -- mm? -- this is a labeling, so your name belongs to "this". You are a man or a woman. This is labeling, SO YOUR BEING A MAN OR A WOMAN BELONGS TO "THIS". If you are finished with your labeling, then there is no "that". But if you feel that you exist beyond the label; if you feel that your labeling is just on the periphery and there is a center which remains unlabelled, untouched; if you feel that even this being male or female is a labeling, this being young or old is a labeling, this being beautiful or ugly is a labeling, this being healthy or ill is a labeling -- if you can feel something within you which is unlabeled, you have touched the realm of "that".

So "this" is the labeled world and "that" is the unlabelled. "This" is the realm of the mind -- categories, thinking, logic, mathematics, calculation -- "that" is a mystery. If you try to reach it through logic, you cannot reach -- because logic is anti-mystery. When I say logic is ant i-mystery, I mean that LOGIC CANNOT FUNCTION IN A MYSTERIOUS WORLD. It can function only in a fixed, dead, labeled world....

We live in a dead world. That dead world is the "this". If you can feel the live current beyond this dead world, then you have felt "that".

The Ultimate Alchemy
Vol 1, Ch #13: Transcendence through being
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