Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OSHO-->Hidden behind the Master's words were God's message...

Beloved Osho,
In a deep embrace with you, in orgasmic play with existence, little more of you, little less of me.

THAT'S WHAT IS ALREADY HAPPENING TO YOU. Every day you are disappearing... and it is so obvious. Every day something of you is evaporating: MORE AND MORE, I AM BECOMING YOUR BEING. Soon, Darshan will not be found there at all.

AND THAT IS THE MOMENT OF GREAT BLESSINGS... when the disciple disappears... when the disciple is only a vehicle of the Master.

AND THE MASTER IS NOBODY EXCEPT THE WHOLE. The Master is one who is not, the Master is one who has already disappeared into God. The Master is already a hollow bamboo, and God is using him as a flute.

When the disappearance also has happened to the disciple... THE FIRST EXPERIENCE IS THAT OF MEETING AND MERGER WITH THE MASTER... because the disciple does not know what God is, he knows only the Master. The Master is his or her God.

ONCE THE DISCIPLE DISAPPEARS INTO THE MASTER and allows the Master to enter into the innermost core of his being, the second experience is that the Master has never been there.

Hidden behind the Master's hands were God's hands, HIDDEN BEHIND THE MASTER'S WORDS WERE GOD'S MESSAGES. The Master was only a singer, singing the songs of the infinite and the eternal.

Darshan, it is happening to you. I AM UTTERLY HAPPY WITH YOU, all my blessings are for you.

You say: "In a deep embrace with you, in orgasmic play with existence, little more of you, little less of me." This is happening. This will go on happening.

YOUR PRAYER IS GOING TO BE FULFILLED IN THIS LIFE. I can guarantee only for very few people. It is very difficult to guarantee, but for Darshan I can guarantee: in this very life, it is going to be fulfilled.

The Book of Wisdom
Ch #23: Behind the Master's hands
am in Buddha Hall

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