Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OSHO-Meditate And Be Active

If you suppress energy then you will become aggresive -- don't suppress energy. This is one of the deepest problems for modern man. Primitive man needed much energy for his day-to-day life. Going for a hunt needed much energy -- eight hours running in the forest fighting with the animals, then by the end of the evening you might be able to get your food, and that too was not certain -- much energy was needed for ordinary day to day affairs.

Now everything is done by machines, technology has relieved you of much work. What to do? You become aggressive, you fight, you get angry. Without any reason or rhyme, you become angry -- suddenly you flare up. Everybody knows that this is foolish, even you in your cooler moments know that that was foolish. But why did you flare up unnecessarily? The excuse was not enough. The real reason is not that there was some situation; the real reason is you have so much energy, so much petrol overflowing, inflammable, that any moment it can be active. That is why after anger you feel relaxed, after anger you feel a little well-being coming to you.

For the modern man this is going to be so -- that is why I insist on active meditations, not silent meditations. Because your energy needs acting out, it needs catharsis. You have too much energy with no action for the energy. And rich food is available and food creates more energy. It is a fuel. This age is the most well-fed age in the whole of history. And there is no work. Even if you go to the office or the shop or somewhere else, the work is mental, not physical. Mental work is not enough.

Man is physically a hunter. He needs much activity to be relaxed. So choose, but according to your bodily needs. Don't force the body, don't compel it; just feel the body and what it needs. If it needs action then go for a run, go swimming, go for a long walk, or, if you cannot do anything, dance. Meditate and be active -- let the energy flow. You melt into existence through action. And when the energy is gone and you relax, then be silent. Find a cool spot in the pond and relax there. Action can lead you to Tao; inaction can also lead you to Tao.

When the Shoe Fits, Chapter-10

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