Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OSHO on "Second Birth"

"The first birth is not the real birth.

One certainly comes out of the

physiological womb of the mother,

starts functioning as an independent,

physiological unit, but there is still a deeper

womb -- the psychological.

Unless one comes our of that too,

the real birth has not happened."

"Meditation is the process of coming

out of the psychological womb,

coming out of the mind.

The moment you are out of the mind,

you are free of all limitations.

There are only two kinds of limitations:

the limitations imposed by the body and the

limitations imposed by the mind.

These are the only prisons, the only chains.

Once you are out of these two

you are as vast as the universe itself.

Then you are just pure awareness,

with no beginning, no end."

From -Nirvana, Now or Never Ch 5

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