Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OSHO --> Where will you go?

Where will you go?
Raman Maharshi was dying,
and a disciple asked,
“Bhagwan, where will you go?”
He opened his eyes and laughed.
That was not the time to laugh at all:
he was dying,
his death was absolutely certain.
He was dying of cancer.
There was great pain.
Still he laughed and he said,
“You fool!
My whole life I have been telling you
that there is nowhere to go,
we are always here.
So where can I go?
I will be here!
The body will be gone, dust unto dust,
but where can I go? I will be part of this universe as I am of it part now.
Now the body gives you the idea that I am separate.
That is your idea, not mine.

For me, my body does not separate me from
existence but bridges me.”
Do you see the difference between the ignorant and the wise?
To the ignorant, the same body is a wall that separates you from existence.
To the wise, to the enlightened,
the same body is a bridge.
It joins you with the existence.

The White Lotus

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