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OSHO-->Why Has Woman Been so Repressed all over the World?

Why Has Woman Been so Repressed all over the World?

Man has used the woman as a sex machine just to relieve his own sexual tensions….

She has been used, and that is the ugliest thing in life: when you are used as a thing, as a mechanism, as an object. A woman is more capable of love than a man is… It is something greater and higher; it is a spiritual experience….

Love can exist only in equality, in friendship. The freedom of woman from man´s slavery will also be freedom for man to experience love. So I call the women´s liberation movement is not only women´s liberation, it is also the men´s liberation movement: both will be liberated.

Most of the differences between men and women are because of thousands of years of conditioning. They are not fundamental to nature, but there are a few differences which give them unique beauty, individuality.

In fact, psychologists say that all our weapons are nothing but symbols, metaphors, for the male genital organ – they are a thrust into the other’s body. Our bayonets, our bullets, our swords – they are nothing but another offshoot of life-negative religions. Now, politicians were also interested in repressing sex for this reason, for this very purpose: if people’s sex is repressed they can easily be made to kill others and be killed by others.

And man’s whole past has been a history of wars and wars. In the past three thousand years we have fought five thousand wars. It seems absolutely insane – five thousand wars in three thousand years – as if we are living here only to kill each other. What has gone wrong with man? No animal kills any other member of its own species. No lion kills another lion, never. No dog kills another dog, never. It is only man. Why has it happened to man?

Man has been taught to be just a man: never to show any feminine traits, never to show any softness of the heart, never to show any receptivity, always be aggressive. Man has been taught never to cry, never weep – because tears are feminine.

Women have been taught never to be in any way like the male: never to show aggression, never show expression, to always remain passive, receptive. This is against reality, and this has crippled both.

In a better world, with better understanding, a man will be both, a woman will be both – because sometimes a man needs to be a woman. There are moments when he needs to be soft – tender moments, love-moments. And there are moments when a woman needs to be expressive and aggressive – in anger, in defence, in rebellion. If a woman is simply passive, then she will turn into a slave automatically. A passive woman is bound to become a slave – that’s what happened down the ages. And an aggressive man, emphatically aggressive and never tender, is bound to create wars, neurosis in the world, violence.

Man has to kill. To remain man, he has to kill. Seventy-five percent of energy is put into war effort, into creating more bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, and so on and so forth.

It seems that man’s whole purpose here on earth is war. The war heroes are respected the most. The war politicians become the great names in history: Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong – these names are going to remain. Why? – Because they fought great wars, they destroyed. Whether in aggression or in defense – that is not the point – but these were the warmongers.

But one thing is certain: that man puts his whole energy into war effort. The reason? – The reason is that man has been taught to be just man, his woman has been denied. So no man is whole.

And so is the case with woman – no woman is whole. She has been denied her male part. When she was a small child she could not fight with boys, she could not climb on the trees; she had to play with dolls, she had to play ‘house’. This is a very, very distorted vision.

Man is both, so is woman – and both are needed to create a real, harmonious human being. The existence is dialectical; and opposites are not only opposites, they are complementaries too.

The psychology of the woman is corrupted by man telling her things which are not true, making her a slave to man, reducing her to a secondary citizen of the world. And the reason for that was that he is muscularly more powerful. But the muscular power is part of animality. If that is going to decide the superiority, then any animal is more muscular than a man.

Man is a mystery, woman is a mystery, everything that exists is a mystery…. the deeper you go, existence becomes more and more mysterious…. When heart and head are together, you are more complete and more whole. Heart is a part, head is a part, but together…if a communion is possible, your strength is not doubled, it is multiplied. How can the head and the heart come to a point of meeting? And it is a multidimensional question: It is between the woman and the man. It is between the heart and the head. It is between the East and the West….

They meet in meditation, because in meditation the head is empty and the heart is empty: the head is empty of thoughts and the heart is empty of feelings. When there are two emptinesses you cannot keep them separate, because there is nothing between them to keep them separate. Two zeros become one zero. Two nothingnesses cannot exist separately; they are bound to become one because there is not even a fence between them.

It is meditation in which the head and heart lose each other, melt into each other. It is meditation in which man and woman melt into each other.

Every man and every woman are both, because every child is born of a father and a mother. So something of the mother and something of the father is present in every child, whether the child is a girl or the child is a boy. The only difference can be that the man is a little more man, perhaps fifty-one percent man and forty-nine percent woman, and the woman is fifty-one percent woman and forty-nine percent man. But the difference is not much. That’s why it has become scientifically possible to change the sexes – because the other sex is also present, just the percentage of hormones has to be changed. What was fifty-one percent has to be made forty-nine, or what was forty-nine has to be made fifty-one…then the man becomes woman and the woman becomes man….

The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here , Chapter 27

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