Tuesday, July 27, 2010


YOU ARE DIVINE AND YOU ARE FORMLESS. God is not something quantitative, God is only a quality. God is not something material, it is only a presence. It is not like a flower, it is more like fragrance. One can feel it, but one cannot catch hold of it. One can enjoy it, one can love it, one can dance with it -- but one cannot possess it. One cannot put it into a bank, one cannot treasure it, because God is not one's property. That's the meaning of formlessness.

NEVER THINK OF GOD AS A PERSON. Think of him only as a presence surrounding the whole existence. And then there is no need to go to any temple, to any statue. Wherever you are you can bow down in deep love and gratitude, and your prayer is accepted. Wherever you are in gratitude you are connected with God. Whenever your heart is full of thankfulness and surrender you are bridged with God.

SANNYAS IS A BRIDGE TO GOD. We have become unbridged. God is not far away, but we are disconnected. We are no more plugged in. The socket is there, the plug is there, both are available -- you are there and God is there -- somebody just has to give you few hints about how to put the plug back into the socket. You need an electrician.... That's my function.

Fingers Pointing to the Moon
Ch #1: Being (a darshan diary)
pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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