Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OSHO<--Beloved Osho, don't you ever get tired of us and our stupidity?

Beloved Osho, don't you ever get tired of us and our stupidity?

I RATHER ENJOY IT! Moreover, I have to do something, and this is the only thing that one can go on doing forever and forever.

JESUS WAS BORED so he went to God his father and asked him, "Dad, give me something to do, I am bored! "
"Take a file and smooth the top of the Himalayas," said God.
After 7,000 years Jesus came back again. "And now what can I do?" he asked God again.
God gave him a spoon and told him to empty the Indian Ocean.
After 7,000 years, he was back again. "It's done... and now?" he asked God.
Tired, God looked at him and said, "Listen, Jesus, go down to Earth and convince the men down there to love each other. That will keep you busy for eternity!"

I am not a priest, it is not my duty. Otherwise one is bound to get bored and tired. It is my joy, it is my love!

THE POPE is redecorating his summer residence of Castelgandolfo. When the work is finished, he comes with the chief decorator to see the results. Everything is perfect.
When he arrives at his bedroom, the decorator, to give the final touch, hangs a beautiful antique 12th-century cross just over the bed.
"Oh, no, no, no, my son!" exclaims the Pope. "I have already told you not to put anything here that reminds me of my office!"

This is not my work -- this is my joy, this is my play. I am really enjoying it!

A RUSSIAN COSMONAUT comes back from his space travel. Brezhnev receives him: "Tell me the truth, comrade. Did you meet God up there?"
"If you want the truth -- yes, I found him!" replies the cosmonaut.
"I thought so," replies Brezhnev. "Now promise me never to reveal this to anyone."
After a few months the same cosmonaut is received by the Pope. When they are alone, the Pope whispers to him, "Now, my dear son, please tell me -- did you meet God up there?"
Faithful to his promise, the cosmonaut replies, "No, unfortunately not, Your Sanctity."
And the Pope sadly replies, "I thought so. Now listen, promise me never to tell this to anyone!"

Tao: The Golden Gate
Vol 1, Ch #3: Grow real roses
am in Buddha Hall

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