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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The moment a child is born, we force religion upon him... ~OSHO~


THAT'S WHAT I MEAN BY LET-GO: You simply drop your projections, your imaginations. LET THE EXISTENCE TAKE HOLD OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE. Then there is no despair, because there is no possibility of being frustrated. There is no anguish and no anxiety, you are relaxed with existence. Whatever happens, that is good.

THE WHOLE EXISTENCE IS WISER THAN YOU, so whatever happens -- Buddha says suchness -- just whatever happens, remember, SUCH IS THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE. Don't stand aloof and against existence; be part, and feel a certain ONENESS.

ONLY A MAN OF LET-GO IS NOT DECEIVED BY ANYTHING. He takes everything that comes in the way happily and joyously. And if things change, he allows the change without any hindrance, without creating any barriers to prevent the change.

SUCH A MAN KNOWS NO DECEPTIONS. He knows life has never deceived you, but has always fulfilled those longings which you were not even aware of.

Rinzai: Master of the Irrational
Ch #6: All you can do is drop your mind

If you can live this moment,
if you can be here this moment.
then everything takes care of itself.

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