Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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When you leave your body will the ashram become a dead institution and will you just become deified and forgotten?

I AM NOT LEAVING ANYTHING TO ANYBODY. I have declared myself Bhagwan. I am not leaving anything to anybody. Why should I leave it to anybody? I KNOW I AM THE BLESSED ONE -- and only I can know. How anybody else can know it?

And I am trying to seduce my people into understanding this immensity: that THEY ARE ALSO THE BLESSED ONES.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DEIFY ME -- I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT! What else there is left for you? I don't depend on anybody.

Before I leave the world, there is one thing certainly I am going to do. It is private, so please don't tell it to anybody else. BEFORE I AM GOING TO LEAVE THE WORLD, I AM GOING TO DECLARE ALL OF MY SANNYASINS "THE BLESSED ONES" -- thousands of Bhagwans all over the world!

There will be no need to make any special nook and corner for me; I WILL BE DISSOLVED IN MY PEOPLE. Just as you can taste the sea from any place -- and it is salty -- you will taste any of my sannyasins, and you will find the same taste, the taste of Bhagwan, the taste of the Blessed One.

I AM WAITING for the right moment. Once the new commune is established, all my sannyasins will be called Bhagwans. Then it will really be a Bhagwan movement!

The Goose Is Out
Ch #10: Dissolve in my people
am in Buddha Hall

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