Tuesday, July 20, 2010


WHENEVER YOU FEEL THIS FREEDOM, JOY HAPPENS TO YOU. Even now, whenever you feel a certain freedom, even if it is not total, joy comes to you.

YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEBODY: a certain joy, a certain bliss happens to you. Why does it happen? Really, whenever you are in love with somebody, you have tossed aside your own attachment to the body. In a deep sense, now the other's body has also become your body. You are not confined to your own body now. SOMEBODY ELSE'S BODY HAS ALSO BECOME YOUR BODY, it has also become your home, it has also become your abode. You feel a freedom. Now you can move into the other, and the other can move into you. In a limited way, a barrier has fallen; you are more than before.

WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE, YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU EVER WERE; your being has increased, expanded. Your consciousness is not limited like it was before; it has reached a new realm. YOU FEEL A CERTAIN FREEDOM IN LOVE. It is not total; and sooner or later, you will feel again confined. You feel extended, but still finite. So those who really love, are sooner or later bound to fall into prayer.

Prayer means a greater love. PRAYER MEANS A LOVE WITH THE WHOLE EXISTENCE. You now know the secret. You know a key, a secret key -- that you loved a person, and the moment you loved, the doors opened and the barriers dissolved; and at least for one person more, your being was expanded, increased. Now you know the secret key. If you can fall in love with the whole existence, you will not be the body.

IN DEEP LOVE, YOU BECOME BODILESS. When you are in love with someone, you don't feel yourself as a body. When you are not loved, when you are not in love, you feel yourself more as a body, you become more aware of the body. The body becomes a burden; you have to carry it. When you are loved, the body has lost weight. When you are loved and you are in love, you don't feel gravitation has any effect on you. You can dance, you can fly really. In a deeper way, the body is no more -- but this is in a limited way. The same can happen when you are in love with the total existence.

IN LOVE, JOY COMES TO YOU; it is not pleasure. Remember, joy is not pleasure. Pleasure comes to you through the senses; joy come to you through being non-sensuous. Pleasures comes to you through the body; joy comes to you when you are not the body. When for a moment the body has disappeared and you are simply consciousness, then joy comes to you. When you are the body, pleasure can happen to you. It is always through the body. Pain is possible, pleasure is possible through the body. Joy is possible only when you are not the body.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
Vol 2, Ch #17: Searching for freedom
pm in Bombay, India

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