Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You have to kill your father and mother... ~OSHO~

My own definition of sannyas is: a person who is ready to drop all parental voices, who is ready to drop all authorities; who is ready to go into the unknown without any map, on his own; who is ready to risk....

That's what I mean when I say if you are feeling you are not yet a grown-up man, that simply shows you have not killed anybody yet. Fifty years is already too late -- now don't waste time any more. KILL IMMEDIATELY ALL THE IMPRESSIONS INSIDE YOU. Wash your inside of all old tapes, unwind your mind. And start living your life, from this moment, as if you don't know, as if nobody has taught you anything -- fresh, clean, from a-b-c.

And you will see maturity coming very soon -- and without maturity life is not worth anything. BECAUSE ALL THAT IS BEAUTIFUL HAPPENS ONLY IN A MATURE MIND; all that is great, happens only in a mature mind. To be a grown-up is a blessing. But people simply grow up -- they never become grown-ups. In age they go on growing, but in consciousness they go on shrinking. Their consciousness remains in the foetus; it has not come out of the egg, it is not yet born. Only your body is born -- you are yet unborn.

TAKE YOUR LIFE INTO YOUR OWN HANDS: it is YOUR life. You are not here to fulfill anybody else's expectations. Don't live your mother's life, and don't live your father's life; live YOUR life. And when you start living your life, you are living God's life.

Zen: The Path of Paradox
Vol 2, Ch 6: The Door to the Wild
am in Buddha Hall

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