Tuesday, July 20, 2010


YOUR TEARS ARE, without your knowing, PREPARING THE WAY for this mysterious experience of the unity of time and space. You are not doing it, it is happening on its own accord. ALL THAT IS GREAT ONLY HAPPENS -- and all that you can do cannot be greater than you.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING THE TRUTH, if you are seeking the soul, then you are seeking something bigger than you. You cannot manufacture it, you cannot make it, YOU CAN ONLY ALLOW IT TO POSSESS YOU, to overwhelm you. The tears are a good beginning... and a maddening dance will be a good end.

DURING THE SECOND GERMAN OCCUPATION OF FRANCE, a peasant was captured. Now and then he got a letter from his wife who complained she was having difficulty with the farm. She had plenty of seeds, she said, but she was not able to plough the fields herself.
He wrote back, "It is all for the best, my dear, leave the fields unploughed -- that's where the guns are." Four days later, two truckloads of gestapo men descended on the farm and dug up all the acreage. Frantically, the wife wrote to her husband telling him what had happened and asked him what to do.
He wrote back a brief note, "Now plant the seeds!"

YOU HAVE JUST TO ALLOW EXISTENCE; you need not put yourself to great trouble. Just be alert and wait.

EXISTENCE ITSELF WANTS YOU TO BECOME ENLIGHTENED. It is not your longing, it has nothing to do with you. It is existence itself, through you, which is trying to reach to the stars.

ALLOW IT, DON'T PREVENT IT. All that you can do, all that you are supposed to do, is not to prevent. Keep the doors open and let the breeze come in, let the sun come in. ALLOW THE EXISTENCE TO USE YOU AS A VEHICLE, as a ladder to reach to the highest possibilities hidden within you.

ALL OTHER DESIRES ARE YOUR DESIRES. Desire for MONEY and desire for POWER and desire for PRESTIGE -- they are your desires. They are too small. Existence does not need money, and what existence will do with money? Existence does not need power -- it has all the power, infinite and eternal. Nothing more can be asked and nothing more can be added to it. What it will do with prestige, respectability, honor? These are desires of the small mind of man.

BUT ENLIGHTENMENT IS NOT YOUR DESIRE. It is not part of your mind, IT IS COMING FROM SOME DEEPER SOURCE, SOME HIGHER SOURCE, from somewhere beyond. Of course it is coming through you, but it is not from you. ALLOW IT. Don't stand in the way of the passion and the longing to become enlightened and liberated.

If you can only do this much -- NOT TO STAND IN THE WAY -- you have done more than can be asked from you. ALL THAT YOU HAVE NOT EVEN DREAMED OF WILL START SHOWERING ON YOU with tremendous benediction, grace, contentment. Then tears will change into a dance.

My whole work is how to transform your tears into a dance.

The Rebel
Ch #22: Laughter is divine
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