Tuesday, July 20, 2010


PEOPLE COME HERE AND THEY SEE YOU WORKING 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day... and still laughing and giggling and dancing. They cannot believe! They have to believe, but they cannot believe!

AND, OF COURSE, THEY HAVE TO FIND SOME EXPLANATION. Perhaps you are all hypnotized. Perhaps it is all just show business -- you are just trying to show to those idiot spectators your laughter, your dance, your song. THEY THINK IT IS JUST MANAGED FOR THEM: once they are gone, you will be crying and hurting all over from so much jumping! That's what they think back home -- that it was all make up.

They write articles... they have written books about me, that all my people are trained in such a way that the moment they see any spectator immediately they start laughing, singing, dancing, hugging. POOR FELLOWS -- JUST TRYING TO CONSOLE THEMSELVES THAT THIS IS NOT FOR REAL. Otherwise, how they will explain to themselves their misery, their suffering?

If it is for real: IF YOUR LAUGHTER, YOUR JOY, YOUR DANCE, YOUR SONG -- IS FOR REAL, THEN THEY HAVE MISSED THE TRAIN! Then their whole life is nothing but foolishness. And this is too much to accept. Only very intelligent people will be able to accept it. And in that very acceptance there will be a change: the beginning of a revolution. But people are mediocre.

INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ARE FAR AND FEW IN BETWEEN -- they are not all over the place. The 99 percent crowd is just mediocre. And with the mediocre mind, the problem is how to console oneself.

You are enjoying so much -- you don't know how much it hurts to those who have never enjoyed.

You say we are doing our thing, why they are angry, why they are against? Can't you see a simple fact? THEY ARE NOT AGAINST YOU. Just be miserable like them, be in suffering, in anguish, and they will be very sympathetic to you -- they will donate to your commune.

From Darkness to Light
Ch #23: Our way is of humor, our way is of bliss
pm in Lao Tzu Grove

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