Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be a sannyasin. Just be... ~OSHO~

“This is what I mean when I say: ‘Be a sannyasin. Just be.’

“Your ochre robes, your mala – these are rules. This is a game. This is not what I mean by real sannyas.

“But you are so accustomed to games that before I lead you to a rule-less life, in the transitory period you will need rules. Moving from this world of rules, of games, to that world without rules and games, a bridge has to be passed.

“Your orange clothes, your mala, are just for that transitory period. You cannot drop rules immediately, so I give you new rules. But be fully alert that your robes are not your sannyas, your mala is not your sannyas, your new name is not your sannyas.

“Sannyas will be there when there is no name, when you become nameless. Then there will be no rules. Then you will be so ordinary, you will not be recognized.”


A Bird on the Wing, Number 9

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