Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Existence needs no philosophy. ~OSHO~

I want you to remember that I am the only existentialist ever!

I have tasted from the cup of existence. There is no meaning. There is no meaninglessness either.

There is no hope. There is no hopelessness either.

These things are absolutely irrelevant. If you enter into existence...

And the miracle is you cannot enter existence through the mind.

Mind consists only of past and future -- both are non-existential.

If you want to enter existence, you will have to shut up your mind completely.

And in that small gap -- when there are no past memories surrounding

your consciousness, and no future imaginations or hopes present -- in

that small moment of pure silence you meet existence for the first time.

And immediately all questions disappear. You are so abundantly fulfilled,

so content, so whole, that who bothers about meanings?

From Death to Deathlessness
Chapter #2
Chapter title: Abandon hope all those who enter here

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