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Beloved Osho,
At the start of the camp, you said you were moving into a new phase of your work. We've felt it in meditation and we felt it in the organization changing, but most importantly, you have changed in the way you speak to us. At one time, you never admitted to being enlightened and you never admitted to being a Master, and now you do. Could you tell us more about your new phase of work?

I CAN ONLY SAY THINGS WHICH YOU BECOME CAPABLE OF HEARING. It depends on you. If you have become a disciple, then I can say easily that I am a master; but if you are not a disciple, it will be just meaningless saying to you that I am a Master. If somebody comes who is just curious about me, I will not say this to him; it will be pointless. He will not understand; rather, he will misunderstand.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE, ONLY THEN I CAN GIVE. And now that you are ready, I can say many things which cannot be said to casual visitors. They are curious; their curiosity is shallow, they have not come to receive something. Their mind functions in a childish way: they just want to know everything, and they are not going to penetrate deeper in it.

NOW I CAN SAY MANY THINGS TO YOU, because I know that you will not misunderstand. Even if you don't understand, this much is certain: you will not misunderstand. AND THIS WILL BE A NEW PHASE, IT HAS ALREADY STARTED. Because I will be working only with those who are sober, not fooling around. I will be working only with those who have really come to a point where they need transformation -- who are really sincere, authentic seekers and are ready to do whatsoever I say. To them I can say, "I am enlightened." To them I can say, "I am a Master." To them I can say, "Come to me and drink out of me, and you will not be thirsty, ever."

But this cannot be said to everybody; this cannot be said to somebody who is just passing, who you meet on the street. THE MORE YOU GET READY, THE MORE I CAN POUR MYSELF INTO YOU. Before, your pots were there, but upside down. Even if I had poured, it would have become a wastage. Now many of you are in a situation that now your pots are not upside down, now they are right side up. Now I can pour. NOW I CAN TRUST THAT YOU WILL TAKE IT AS A TREASURE, that you will hide it, that you will share it only with those who are sincere, who are in search.

MANY MORE SECRETS WILL BE FOLLOWING, but they will follow only as you become more capable of receiving.

The phase, a new phase, has started. I WILL NOT BE WORKING WITH THE MASSES NOW. And I will be dropping all those who are just hanging around for other reasons -- not for their spiritual growth. There are many types of people, and even they are not aware why they are hanging around -- but I know. I will be dropping them.

Fewer and fewer will be accepted now. If I drop you, you will not be able to know that I dropped you -- because YOU WILL GO ON THINKING THAT YOU DROPPED ME. That's how the ignorant mind always consoles itself.


AND AS YOU GET READY MANY MORE SECRETS CAN BE GIVEN TO YOU, and I can talk easily. And I can be true, I need not say a lie to you. I will not say what you want to hear, now I will say what is really to be said to you.

And don't wait for the future, because no one knows about the future. THIS VERY MOMENT, OPEN YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU CAN SO YOU CAN RECEIVE ME.... RIGHT THIS MOMENT I AM HERE, AVAILABLE. Don't wait for the future -- because nobody knows... Open your heart, become more receptive, get attuned. Everything is possible. At this very moment, I can give you the key.

A NEW PHASE HAS STARTED. Now get ready for it. Because it is not a question concerning me, it is a question concerning you. HOW MUCH YOU CAN GET, YOU WILL GET; YOUR CAPACITY WILL BE THE LIMIT. If you open totally, there is no limit. The whole ocean is ready to fall in the drop. But the drop is afraid -- it is trying to protect itself.

Kabir -- one of the greatest mystics ever born -- has said two things. He has said, "In the beginning, when I was in search of God, I was thinking my drop of water will drop into the ocean of the divine. But when it really happened, it happened quite otherwise: THE OCEAN DROPPED INTO MY SMALL DROP."

It always happens otherwise. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MEET GOD, GOD IS GOING TO MEET YOU. How you can seek him? You don't know the whereabouts, you don't know the address. He is in search of you constantly. Whenever you are ready, the ocean drops in you.

MEDITATION WILL MAKE YOU READY, COMPASSION WILL MAKE YOU PERFECT. So carry these two mantras: pragya, meditation; karuna, compassion -- let these two be the goals. Let your whole life revolve around them. VERY SOON YOU WILL BE ATTUNED. Then I can pour myself into you.

A Bird on the Wing
Ch #11: Sober Up
am in Buddha Hall

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