Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am talking particularly about YOU. ~OSHO~

With an unnecessary thing mind is not in any danger.
The moment you think of meditation, mind becomes alert.
Now you are moving in a dangerous dimension,
because meditation means the death of the mind.
If you move into meditation, sooner or later your mind
will have to dissolve, retire completely.

The mind becomes alert and it begins to say many things to you:
”Where is the time?
And even if there is time, then more important things are
to be done. First postpone it until later. You can meditate at
any time. Money is more important. Gather money first,
then meditate at your leisure. How can you meditate without money?
So pay attention to money, then meditate later on.”
Meditation can be postponed easily, you feel, because it is
not concerned with your immediate survival. Bread cannot
be postponed – you will die. Money cannot be postponed –
it is needed for your basic necessities. Meditation can be
postponed, you can survive without it. Really, you can
survive without it easily.

The moment you go deep in meditation, you will not survive
on this earth at least – you will disappear. From the circle of
this life, this wheel, you will disappear. Meditation is like death,
so the mind becomes afraid. Meditation is like love, so the
mind becomes afraid. ”Postpone,” it says, and you
can go on postponing ad infinitum. Your mind is always
saying things like this. And do not think I am
talking about others. I am talking particularly about YOU.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 1
CHAPTER 4 : The deceptions of the mind.

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