Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once the mind is not there, YOU ARE!... ~OSHO~

I will be talking here about these one hundred and twelve methods
not to feed your mind, not to make you more knowledgeable,
not to make you more informed. I am not trying to make you a
pundit. I am talking here in order to give you a certain technique
which can change your life. So whichever method appeals to you,
do not start talking about it – do it! Be silent about it and do it.
Your mind will raise many questions. Just inquire deeply first
before asking me. Inquire deeply first
whether those questions are really significant or
if your mind is just deceiving you.

Do, then ask. Then your questions become practical. And I know
which question has been asked through doing and which question
has been asked just through curiosity, just through intellect. So
by and by I will not answer your intellectual questions at all
Do something – then your questions become significant.
These questions which say, ”This exercise is a very simple one,”
are not asked after doing. This is NOT so simple. In the end I
must repeat again:
You are already the truth.
Only a certain awakening is needed.
You are not to go anywhere else. You are to go into yourself,
and the going is possible this very
moment. If you can put aside your mind, you enter here and now.
These techniques are for putting your mind aside.
These techniques are not really for meditation;
they are for putting the mind aside. Once the mind is
not there, YOU ARE!
I think this is enough for today, or even more than enough.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 1
CHAPTER 4 : The deceptions of the mind.

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