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It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh ... OSHO

Sardar Gurudayal Singh (Sadarji), a well known character at the former Osho Commune in Pune, left his body at 20:45 (Indian time) on the 9th January. have a nice tribute page with some Sadarji jokes on it, and here is for ALL us:
Dear friends,
Beloved Sardarji’s body is gone.

... a few impressions ...: Two or three days ago we talked on the phone and he sounded exceptionally well, very “full”. He said a vision of mine had finally come true*: he gave a talk to about 100 college students who had come to visit a village camp a few days ago; he said a tremendous force surged up as he talked about life and meditation etc. A day later he spent 100 Euros a friend had given him on a big tea party for all the young men and women and a few of their professors. He had even hired a cook...

(*I had sometimes encouraged him the last few years to share his experience in meditation, especially with young people; he was usually very low-key about spiritual things in his verbal communication; due to his health it turned out difficult for him to do that; then lately we all just hoped his remaining time would be peaceful and physically bearable for him).

In June, upon returning to India from his last trip to the U.S. to visit his friends Halana & John and his son Taygee, his health went through times of big trouble again; he was in hospital twice – for only very short periods but was close to dying both times. Then eventually he recuperated. The last few months, depending on the week, he would say about his health, “I'm at 70%” and all the way up to 95% (notwithstanding some ongoing pain and discomforts in his aged body).

The last few days, his daughter Lily said today, were a bit heavy on his body. Lily had taken care of him very nicely the last few years except when he was in the U.S. She said since Dec. 31 he's had trouble walking and even sitting by himself. She said the last 2 days he had talked very little. Around noon today they had to bring him to the local hospital because of some alarming difficulties. Some 7 hours later, through a brain hemorrhage – the end of his body.

They had all looked forward to a visit of his son Taygee with grandson Kevin, who will arrive in the Punjab in two days. I'm sure it helps them all if we keep them in our hearts.

Love, Sharabhi

It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh ...

Jokes about Sardar told by Osho:

Sardar Gurudayal Singh is rumbling along M.G. Road in his old Ambassador car when he gets pulled over by traffic police officer. Officer looks inside the car and sees a big black hole in the dashboard. "What happened to your speedometer?" asks the Officer. "I sold it," replies Sardar Gurudayal Singh. "I don't need it any more." "What do you mean, you don't need it any more?" shouts the cop. "How can you tell how fast you are going?" "That is easy," laughs Sardar Gurudayal Singh. "At twenty miles an hour, the fenders rattle. At thirty, the doors rattle. At forty, my turban rattles. At fifty, my teeth rattle. And at sixty, my teeth fall out!" - Hymie Goldberg goes to see doctor Feelgood in a terrible state. “ You must help me, doctor, “ pleads Hymie. “ I can’t remember anything for more that a few minutes. It is driving me crazy” “I see,” says the shrink. “And how long have you had the problem?” Hymie pauses, then says thoughtfully, “What problems?”

Osho's teases Sardarji:

Sardar Gurudayal Singh is laughing. And he does nothing, he just remains a buddha the whole day. You can find him in any position, but he will be the buddha. He has been with me for thirty-five years. Hitting him again and again, I have awakened him so much that now it is difficult for him to sleep! So he goes on waking up other people. What else to do when you cannot sleep? You cannot allow anybody else to sleep, it is too much.

Now it is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh.

Sardar Gurudayal Singh has a special time (Sardarji gives a special whoop at this, and everybody laughs with him) because he is a special man. (Sardarji releases an even longer "whooooooo!" Accompanied by more laughter.)

His speciality is—there are many new guests so I want to tell them—that he is the only man in the whole world who laughs before the joke is told!

And these jokes have a certain spiritual purpose. We have been serious…. (Sardarji punctuates again.) Before going into meditation, you have to calm down, relax, laugh, forget all about religion…. (This time, Sardarji really enjoys!)

When you laugh, laugh totally, without any considerations. Don't hold anything back. Learn to laugh from Sardar Gurudayal Singh, who is a laugh unto himself—a real joke. He is the only man in the whole world I have come across who laughs before the joke. There are people who laugh in the middle of the joke because they suddenly realize what is going to happen. But from the very beginning, when I have not even started…that is the real and authentic man of laughter. And I know…he has his disciples. He is a very respected, old sannyasin. People sit around him just to have a good laugh.

It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh—a really great time. Put on the light, because I want to see the faces of my people laughing!

And a good news before I take the sutras.

A famous New York sculptress, Martine Vaugel has just now taken sannyas from the New York Center of Neo-Sannyas International. She is a world-famous sculptress. She must have been listening to my tapes, and must have been hearing Sardar Gurudayal Singh's name every day. So, without seeing him—she has not yet come to Poona, and she has not seen Sardar Gurudayal Singh…but this is the sensitivity of an artist, a creativity. She has made a statue of Sardar Gurudayal Singh, and she has sent me a picture of the statue to see whether she is right? And I was amazed. She is absolutely right. The picture looks almost like Sardar Gurudayal Singh.

(the master holds up the photograph of Sardar Gurudayal Singh for all to see. In response, everyone cheers and claps.)

Sardar Gurudayal Singh…take your picture!

(The master, enjoying the situation immensely, holds out the photograph for Sardar to take.)

But if you die really, leaving the mind and body aside, you will come to know your immortality; you will see the fiction of death. Death has never happened, you have only changed your form. And those few who have realized it have not even moved into another form, they have moved into the eternal ocean, into the very existence itself, losing themselves completely. That is the ultimate ecstasy. Before somebody dies ... particularly Sardar Gurudayal Singh is getting ready. He has been missing every day, perhaps today he is going to die. We promise him we will celebrate ... don't be worried.
Sardar Gurudayal Singh from Poona decides to go to Singapore for some shopping. He goes into a shop, dressed in his best flowing robes, curly shoes and turban, and asks, "What is the price of that video machine in the window?"
The salesman answers, "Sorry, sir, we don't sell to Indians."
To Sardar Gurudayal Singh this is very shocking. He goes back to his hotel and dresses as an Englishman in a pin-striped suit, with all his hair pushed up into a bowler hat. Back at the shop he asks, "My good man, what is the price of that video in the window?"
To his dismay the seller replies, "Sorry, sir, we don't sell to Indians!"
So this time Sardar Gurudayal Singh dresses as an American. He lets all his hair down, puts on Bermuda shorts, T-shirt and sunglasses, and goes back into the shop. "Hey, man!" he says. "How much for that far-out video machine?" But he gets the same reply. In exasperation Sardar Gurudayal Singh cries, "How do you know that I am an Indian?"
"That is easy," replies the seller. "The article in the window that you desire is not a video, it is a washing machine!"

Osho once said about Sadarji:
"Before you enter into the living way, inwards, don't forget to come back again. I am always afraid for Sardar Gurudayal Singh. I have even ordered a grave to be made ready, because some day somebody may not come back. And Sardar Gurudayal Singh is standing in the queue almost at the front, very close. He will laugh and simply go away. We will celebrate... and he knows that there is no need to be worried. But he goes on coming back, because one never knows what joke I am going to tell.
I will miss him also, because he is the only man in the whole world who laughs before the joke is told. Such trust is very difficult to find. But I warn you all: go deep, but don't go too far. When Nivedano gives the call to come back, be a good boy!"

Sadarji has been in poor health for some time and even had his obituaries in the Viha Connection so that he could read them before dying. But it seems that he has finally moved on and this time, won't come back.

Ah, one more:
"One day, Swami Arup Krishna, alias Chinani, and Sadar Gurdayal Singh were coming towards the ashram. It had rained for two, three days, and the roads were muddy and dirty water had collected everywhere, and the gutters were overflowing. And on a banana peel, Gurdayal slipped. Not only that: a small coin fell from his pocket and was lost into the gutter.
He immediately cried, "Satya Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba -- help me!"
Of course, Arup Krishna was very surprised. He said, "Gurdayal, have you gone crazy? You are Osho's disciple!"
Gurdayal said, "What do you mean? Should I call Osho in this dirty water in the gutter?!"
George is watching a TV show, when it is interrupted by a special bulletin.
"Good evening," the announcer says. "The directors of the National Institute of Health have announced that, as of today, they will no longer be using rats in their experiments. Instead they will use lawyers. The chief director gave three reasons for the change:
First -- there are more lawyers than rats.
Second -- the lab technicians don't get as attached to lawyers as they do to rats.
And Third -- there are just some things that rats won't do!"
Mary returns home to America after her marriage to a Polack. She meets her friend, Susan, on the street.
"I heard you got married in Poland!" Susan exclaims.
"Yes," says Mary, "and after our wedding my husband gave me the longest, hardest thing I have ever seen!"
"Oh, really!" shrieks Susan. "What was that?"
Mary replies, "His name!"
Fred and Bill, two historians, are comparing ancient and modern history.
"Do you remember Julius Caesar's war slogan?" asks Bill.
"Yes," replies Fred. "In Latin it was: `Veni, Vidi, Vici.' It means: `I came, I saw, I conquered.'"
"Correct," says Bill. "And nowadays, all the young `Caesars' have a different slogan -- `Vidi, Vici, Veni' -- `I saw, I conquered, I came!'"


  1. Hello. Do you have the contact details of Teji (Sw.Gurudayal singh's son). i would be highly grateful if you can let us know. Jasbir Bindra, New Delhi