Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Beloved Osho,
More than anything else I want your vision to happen. When I am not with you, and I am out in the world, alone, what part can I play in helping your vision to happen?

JUST BE YOURSELF, UTTERLY YOURSELF. And never think in terms of how you can help my vision to happen in the world, because that's what makes a missionary -- AND I AM AGAINST MISSIONARIES. They are the poisoners. Their intention is good, they want to spread something which they feel is immensely valuable -- but a missionary does not know that what he is trying to spread is not his own experience.

So I would like to make it clear that YOU JUST BE YOURSELF. And that will be the way of spreading my message to people. BECAUSE THAT'S MY MESSAGE -- to be yourself authentically, sincerely. It is not a question of saying something to somebody, IT IS A QUESTION OF BEING SOMEBODY IN A WAY THAT THE VISION RADIATES FROM YOU... that the people feel that something has happened to you that has not happened to them, that there is something in you that they are missing, that you are full and they are empty, that you can give and yet you will not be losing anything.

AND THEY ARE ONLY BEGGARS -- they cannot give, they can only take. And whatsoever they take also disappears soon because it is not their own. I would NOT like my people to be like Christian missionaries.

Light on the Path
Ch #4: Darkness: the substance existence is made of

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