Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I DON'T WANT YOU TO BECOME SOMEBODY ELSE, a Gautam Buddha or a Jesus Christ; I want you to become just yourself, anonymous, nobody special, but blissful. And you are already on the right path. You have taken few steps; NOW JUST GO ON MOVING, TRUSTING YOURSELF, and on each step your confidence will become deeper.

NEVER ASK FOR ADVICE, because everybody is so unique and so different that there has never been before any person like you, nor there is going to be again another person like you. So really, no guidelines for you exist. But existence is greatly compassionate. It has given you the whole program of your life in a seed form. IF YOU DON'T ASK ANYBODY and just silently, listen to your own heart and go on following it, you will reach the space where you can feel at home; where suddenly you realize who you are, where suddenly you feel a synchronicity with the whole existence.

ALL THAT IS NATURAL -- the trees, the clouds, the mountains, the oceans -- with all of them you will find a certain harmony. You will not find harmony with machines, big and great computers, factories, automobiles, railway trains. You may not find any harmony... there is no question, because these are heartless, lifeless things. They don't know how to sing; they don't know how to dance. Have you seen any computer dancing? Have you heard of any computer falling in love with a woman computer?

Only machines will be left out. And with all that is natural and all that grows, all that blossoms, all that moves and breathes, all that has a heartbeat, YOU WILL FIND A TREMENDOUS HARMONY. Your heartbeat will be merging and melting into the universal heartbeat -- no personal counseling.

The Invitation
Ch #12: A meditator needs no personal guidance

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