Tuesday, July 20, 2010


They are playing football I will simply take the football and run away and then the whole team will be coming after me. Once I have reached my house, I will go immediately to the terrace and lock the door. Then my father and my mother and everybody will be knocking on the door: "Give back their football. Why do you continually take somebody's football, somebody's volleyball? The whole team is there and they are so angry and perspiring. They have been running after your for two miles."

And I would say: "Because I cannot tolerate any stupid kind of thing. Wherever I see anything idiotic happening I stop it."

"Now these people simply throw the ball to the other side; the other side throws the ball back to them. And I cannot tolerate it. I was just passing there. I had not gone there for any reason, just seeing these fools doing this.... They should thank me."

My father would say: "If they want to do something stupid let them do it. Why should you interfere? You should not spoil anybody's game."

From Misery to Enlightenment, Chapter 4

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