Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Perfect Man Will Create A Perfect World... ~OSHO~

My vision of the new man is of a perfect man: perfect in the sense that all his three dimensions are functioning without contradicting each other, but on the contrary, complementing each other.

The perfect man will create a perfect world. The perfect man will create a world of scientists, a world of poets, a world of meditators.

My approach is that all these three centers should be functioning in every person, because even a single individual is a world unto himself. And these centers are in the individual, not in the society; hence, my focus is on the individual. If I can change the individual, sooner or later the world is to follow. It will have to follow, because it will see the beauty of the new man.

The new man is not only clever in arithmetic; he can also enjoy and compose music. He can dance, he can play the guitar - which is a tremendous relaxation for his head, because the head is no longer functioning.

And the new man is not only of the heart; there are moments when he drops even deeper and simply is.

That source of your is-ness is the very center of your life. To touch it, to be there is to be rejuvenated. All the energies of your heart, of your head, will be tremendously multiplied, because you will be getting newer energy every day, every moment.

Right now, even a great scientist like Albert Einstein uses only fifteen percent of his potential. What to say about ordinary people? They never go beyond five to seven percent.

If all the three centers are functioning together, man will be able to function totally, one hundred percent. We can really create a paradise here, on this earth.
It is within our hands. Just a little effort, a little courage, and nothing more is needed.

The world has to be scientific for all the technologies, for all the comforts. The world has to be poetic; otherwise man becomes just a robot. The head is a computer. Without poetry and music and dance and song, what your head does can be done by a computer far more efficiently and infallibly.

The heart is a totally different dimension of experiencing beauty, love, and expressing it. But that is not all. Unless you reach to your very center, you will remain discontented. And a discontented man is dangerous, because he will do anything to get rid of his discontentment.
The person who knows himself and his center is the richest.
In fact, that's where the kingdom of God is.

From Death to Deathlessness, Chapter-15

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