Tuesday, July 27, 2010


THIRD SECRET: KEEP MAN AS FRIGHTENED AS POSSIBLE. And the sure way is not to allow them love -- because love destroys fear. Love casteth out fear.

WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE YOU ARE NOT AFRAID. When you are in love, you can fight against the whole world. When you are in love, you feel infinitely capable of anything. But when you are not in love, you are afraid of a small thing. When you are not in love you become more interested in security, in safety. When you are in love you are more interested in adventure, in exploration.

PEOPLE HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO LOVE, BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE THEM AFRAID. And when they are afraid and trembling, they are always on their knees -- bowing to the priest and bowing to the politician. It is a great conspiracy against humanity; it is a great conspiracy against you!

YOUR POLITICIAN AND YOUR PRIEST ARE YOUR ENEMIES; but they pretend that they are public servants. They say that we are here to serve you, to help you, to attain to a better life: "We are here to create a good life for you." And they are the destroyers of life itself!

FOURTH: KEEP MAN AS MISERABLE AS POSSIBLE -- because a miserable man is confused. A miserable man has no self-worth. A miserable man is self-condemnatory. A miserable man feels that he must have done something wrong. A miserable man has no grounding -- YOU CAN PUSH HIM FROM HERE AND THERE. He can be turned into a driftwood very easily.

AND THE MISERABLE MAN IS ALWAYS READY TO BE COMMANDED, to be ordered, to be disciplined -- because he knows, "On my own I am simply miserable. Maybe somebody else can discipline my life." He is a ready victim.

The Tantra Vision
Vol 2, Ch #4: Trust cannot be betrayed
am in Buddha Hall

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