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OSHO: As far as my mission in life is concerned, there is no such thing as my mission. Neither
is there any my, nor is there any mission. I am not teaching something to others – there is no
message to be given to the world. Messages are many, missions are enough – and there is no
lack of missionaries, nor is there any lack of thoughts, ideologies, isms. On the contrary, the mind of the world is much too burdened with these things. To me it seems that if the mind of man can be unburdened, only then is there any possibility of living the truth, or of feeling life in its totality. Ideologies, thoughts, isms, missions, they all add to the burden of the mind.

The more the mind knows, the less it becomes capable of knowing; knowledge is the only hindrance towards knowing. Knowing is something quite different from knowledge. Knowledge means thoughts, and knowledge means borrowed learning. Knowing means a mind which is unburdened of everything that is known; a mind in the state of knowing is simply ignorant – it doesn’t know anything, it is humble. And to be humble, one has to unlearn what has become a burden.

The known must cease for the unknown to be. And life is unknown, and truth is unknown, yet we are all burdened with knowledge. This attitude of knowledge becomes a hindrance towards the void, which goes into the unchartered, into the unknown, the unacquainted, the unlearnt.

So to me there is nothing to be preached or to be taught – I am not a teacher in that sense. Rather, I am awakened – not a teacher. And the first awakening that is required today is the awakening of the humble attitude of an unlearnt, unknowledgeable mind, a mind that is open and not closed.

This humility is needed but you cannot teach this humility through a mission, because a mission
becomes an organization. A mission becomes, in the long run, the vested interest. A mission
becomes a sect; a mission becomes interested, not in the unknown, but in the knowledge that the mission has to impart to others.

So every type of mission burdens the human mind. And the need is to be unburdened.

There are things which can be known by others; information can be imparted. As far as science is concerned – the complete knowledge known as scientific knowledge – there are things that can be imparted. Then there is the possibility of a school, of a teacher, of a mission.... But there are things as far as the inner is concerned... as far as the divine is concerned, and these things cannot be made part and parcel of a dead knowledge. They cannot be condensed into maxims, nor is there any possibility for any objective experimentation or for a laboratory where more than one person can experiment and come to a conclusion. There is no such possibility. The inner, the divine, is basically individual, is basically subjective. One knows, but cannot impart the knowledge to others. One knows and lives.... Others may feel the perfume, may feel the scent, may feel the song, may feel the unknown presence, but that too is intuitive, that too is indirect.

You cannot preach the divine directly, so there is no mission-like activity for me. When there is
no mission, there is no question of how to work it out, how to implement it, how to organize it.
I am against all sorts of organizations. Truth cannot be organized, and the moment one thinks
of organizing it the truth is killed, only the dead remains. What is living goes out of any organization, because to know the truth is so individual, it cannot be organized. You can organize around
an ideology, not around a realization. You can organize around a mission, not around the unknown, not around the realization of the unknown.

So there is no possibility of there being any organization around me. Nor am I interested... rather, I am against it. But we can never think of doing anything without organization. And the difficulty is: the very nature of the thing is so, that if you organize it, you kill it; and if you don’t organize it, then you raise the problem, what to do with it? How to make others know about it? That too can only be done through individuals, not through organizations.

If what I say appeals to you, or somebody, he has to become the embodied presence of what I am saying. Even if one individual becomes the embodied presence and people begin to feel about him... something new, something transformed is imparted. By the very presence of such an individual the work goes on....

Only such a type of mission can I conceive of. But I cannot call it a mission because the very word has become associated with so many wrong things.

To be religious means to be imparting indirectly what one has realized. So I will go on trying,
endeavoring to contact individuals personally, and indicating towards things which cannot be
indicated. But no dead code or dead scripture must be allowed to be practiced or organized, or
given a base – unlike the old sects, the old religious or public organizations.

To me, organization means something based on hatred. No organization is centred around love,
because love needs no organization. Hatred needs organization. Nations, parties, religions, are all based on hatred: hatred of others, hatred of those who are not in our fold, of those who are not under our flag, of those who are not convinced of our message. Hatred is such a great force, it organizes. It is so poisonous, and a single individual is not able to be so poisonous, a single individual cannot be as dangerous as hatred requires one to be. So one needs organizations, others, a crowd – one cannot be alone.

But love is such a silent force, that to be alone is enough. Love doesn’t know how to work, it works itself. There is no question of method – I have never been concerned with method.

I am a man with no method – absolutely no plan, no method, no organization. My only hope is
this, that love works spontaneously. It needs no method. It needs no previous rehearsal. It works! And if it works it is alright, and if it doesn’t work then too it is alright. If love is not enough, then no organization can be much more.

And love has never been methodological. Hatred has always been methodological. When You hate, you hate with a plan, you hate with a disciplined mind. You have to be conscious of the enemy, of the fear, of the planning of the opposite party. You cannot be spontaneous. With an enemy you are always to be prepared. You cannot be unprepared. But when there is no question of hatred, when there is no one to be thought of as an enemy, when there is only love to work and to live with, there is no question of tomorrow, there is no question of the future – it is spontaneous, it works. And the very spontaneity is its force. If you don’t plan your hatred, you will be defeated; but if you plan your love, you will also be defeated.

So, I have no plans for the future – today is enough. This very moment passing, the present moment is enough. What I am doing, I am doing without any method. If it is something, if it is to be of any use for others, it will spread like fire without any method.

From Early Talks
1 October 1969 pm in Pahalgam, Kashmir, India

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