Tuesday, July 27, 2010


IF YOU MEDITATE, by and by you will see -- EVERYTHING IS GOOD, EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE -- tathata, suchness, arises. Then, seeing a thief you don't think that he should be transformed -- you simply respond. Then you don't think that he is bad.

And when you don't think about a man that he is bad, evil, YOU ARE CREATING A POSSIBILITY FOR THE MAN TO BE TRANSFORMED. You are accepting the man as he is. And through that acceptance is transformation.

Have you not watched it happen in your life too? WHENEVER SOMEBODY ACCEPTS YOU UTTERLY, UNCONDITIONALLY, YOU START CHANGING. His acceptance gives you such courage... When there is somebody who simply loves you as you are... have you not seen the miracle happening that something changes... immediately starts changing, fast?

THE VERY ACCEPTANCE THAT YOU ARE LOVED AS YOU ARE -- nothing is expected of you -- GIVES YOU SOUL, makes you integrated, makes you confident, gives you trust, makes you feel that you ARE, that you need not fulfill expectation, that you can BE, that your original being is respected.

Zen: The Path of Paradox
Vol 2, Ch #1: Hey! Wait a minute

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