Tuesday, July 27, 2010


MAN IS A SEXUAL ANIMAL. That's how we are. That's the way life means us to be. That's how we have found ourselves here.

GO INTO IT. Without going, you will never be able to transform it. I'm not speaking for mere indulgence. I am saying move into it with deep meditative energy to understand what it is.

IT MUST BE SOMETHING TREMENDOUSLY VALUABLE -- because you have come out of it, because the whole existence enjoys it, because the whole existence is sexual.

SEX IS THE WAY GOD HAS CHOSEN TO BE IN THE WORLD... notwithstanding what Christians go on saying: that Jesus was born out of a virgin woman. All foolishness! They pretend that sex was not involved in Jesus' birth. They are so afraid of sex that they create foolish stories like this: that Jesus is born out of a virgin Mary.

Mary must have been very pure, that's true. She must have been spiritually virgin... that is true. But THERE IS NO WAY TO ENTER INTO LIFE WITHOUT PASSING THROUGH THE ENERGY THAT SEX IS. The body knows no other law. And nature is all-inclusive: it believes in no exceptions, it allows no exceptions.

YOU ARE BORN OUT OF SEX, YOU ARE FULL OF SEX ENERGY. But this is not the end; this may be the beginning. Sex is the beginning... but not the end.

The Beloved
Vol 1, Ch #10: Truth is neither I nor you

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